It's A Metal World

Now that I have a little more time and experience in metal working under my belt, I notice metal everywhere around me. The many functions and purposes of it are endless. However, sometimes the way it is used catches me off guard and I am become awestruck. This is when the magic of metal produces that fluttering feeling inside that only those who speak this language can understand and relate to. Shown above are images I took of a couple moments where this happened to me this past spring semester. The top image is of bat homes that can be found at the Tift Nature Preserve in Buffalo. They were created in an attempt to help house endagered bats in our area that are so vital to natures flow. They caught my eye when I was on a snowy walk and I had to take a moment to take them in and snap a photo. The second image is of pewter holders for cinnamon and sugar at Five Points Bakery on the Westside in Buffalo.They give you these when you order a side of an apple with your toast. Which I should also mention, the apple is cut by being hand spun with a metal mechanism that is clamped to the table.( So amazing) I was able to look at the pewter holders and understand how they were made, I also said to myself, "I could do that." This made me feel not only content with my meal but also with the tools I was using to feed myself. This was a very rewarding and enlightening experience.

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