My Escape...

My escape (in reality) is most definitely my bedroom. It is here that I can process all of my daily occurrences and stimulations.I cannot emphasis enough to others on how important the aesthetics of your home are. I don't mean this in a superficial way at all. The aesthetics of the home bring peace to the subconscious and conscious mind. Your home should be a sanctuary in a way. How lucky are we who are fortunate enough to get our own small place on this earth to call our "own"? Where all guards can be let down and we can turn our fast forward mode (that seems to be the pace that everything is functioning at these days) on "off". Our place has two little ones running around and exploring half the time so the bedroom is truly the only room I can "escape". It is here that I am calm enough to have my best new ideas set forth into existence. The top photo is of the window seat in the bedroom. This is my new cherished hangout spot now that the weather is being kind. I placed my favorite sheep hide on it so my body and mind can be comfortable and I can therefore spend more time here. My final project for my Ceramics I course were these succulent pots shown in the second photo, that are now also a part of my simple window seat ensemble. These pots focus on growth being created and brought about through struggle, in an abstract and literal way. I am reminded of that when I sit here and look at them.   When the windows are open, the breeze blows these curtains in the most magical way. The leaves on the trees are also a great accent on natures part to this minimal set up and for that I am also grateful.

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