The Time Has Come!

THE MOMENT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HAS ARRIVED. The flowers have bloomed, the semester is over and I am feeling fresh. Call me dramatic, call me cool, call me a crazy hippie, I DO NOT CARE. (Well, maybe I care a little bit *__*)  As everything has been growing and blooming, so has my soul. I feel ALIVE , the world around me feels surreal and I am convinced that anything is possible. After my final critique yesterday, I walked home and encountered these white flowers shown above. I really admire the pattering happening within them. Generally, my work tends to have organic elements and also geometric elements all happening at the same time. As organic and natural as we may think these are, they are all structured and organized deep within. I like taking things found in nature, like these flowers for example, and not only focusing on them as a whole, but also breaking the structural and patterning components of them down. My goal for the summer is to keep up with this blog, make new pieces every week, and FINALLY start selling my things online. I'm sure you will be hearing from me at this location when all of that happens!

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