Jozef Bajus. "Lendfield"

What's more exciting than discovering an admirable artist that's existing on this planet at the same time as you, is discovering one that is a professor within your design program. I attended the opening of "Lendfield" by Jozef Bajus, who is indeed a professor here at school. I was so awestruck by his background, his story, his passion in not letting anything go to waste, and of course his amazing work. This image shown above is a photo I took of my favorite portion of the installation. The materials are copper and felt and these appeared and had similar movement to that of wheat in a field. If we all looked at landfills as "Lendfields" which is what he views them as partially due to the way he sees materials and also the language mistranslation from his native tounge to English, what a better and more vibrant, natural world it would be. 

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