Into the Gray of Tuesday

I am the first to admit that I am a jaded magazine consumer. I generally pick up a fashion, art, or home magazine with the negative intent that I am not going to be satisfied with its content. However, yesterday was a different day. I went to my local bookstore and spotted the last copy of Interview's September 2013 issue. I flipped through the pages quickly and spastically (as I normally do) and to my surprise that feeling rushed over me where I was all jittery with inspiration and excitement. I quickly purchased it as if my life depended on it. Shockingly I felt as though the advertisements and editorials had a universal flow of minimalism and beautiful aesthetic. I will most likely post more from this issue but today I am particularly drooling over this sharp eyed brunette (name please?) in the ever amazing Givenchy get up and 2014 campaign. My Tuesday daydreams are now even more edgy and mysterious then I ever knew was possible.