"Good Morning"

(Shown above my unmade bed and half drank latte this morning ☻ )

I have never been a morning person, it is something I have always desired to be and in my mid twenties it is still not happening. I find it slightly ironic when I hear myself telling people "good morning" or in return they are saying it to me. Some days I feel as though the only way my early mornings would truly be GOOD is if I joined the bums on my street corner in their morning cigarette and four loko debauchery. To me the little things are big things in the morning and I recently made some changes to my living environment and habits to help make my days a little brighter...

1. New white sheets and duvet cover
2. Fresh flowers by my bedside
3. Not purchasing coffee but instead making my own homemade organic lattes via a stove top percolator and milk frother and then drinking it in one of my favorite mugs. 

There is something about an all white bed that makes me feel pure and more at peace when going to bed and waking up. Of course freshening up that whiteness brings it to a whole new level as well. I have multiple succulents and cacti in my room, but having fresh flowers right next to me as one of the first thing that my eyes encounter when they open is special. The Italians always know what's best as a percolator is inexpensive and a gorgeous way to make your espresso in the morning. The stove top frother is also great and I add cane sugar or honey and cinnamon to the organic milk while it's heating up. I definitely recommend you try one or all of these methods. The morning chimes of your mind will be ringing with more quality and beauty.