Driftwood Display

One of my favorite places to roam during colder months is the beach. This may seem odd or surprising, but with no people around and the reflection of the gray skies against the sand, you are more likely to find some natural treasures. The uses for driftwood, rocks, and sea glass are endless. I made Christmas ornaments out of these materials and my boyfriend's dish utensils and ties are now hanging from driftwood. I also wrapped scrap brass and copper around some of the rocks we found to create unique pieces at standstill of their own.(I ended up selling some of these for a price far more than their cost) Shown in the photo above is a simple wall piece that I built out of driftwood, nails, and screws. I wanted a unique and primal way to display these necklaces and sea glass pendants that I made a couple of months ago. All you need is a white wall and a decent camera, and your designs can photograph really well with these other elements.