Board not Bored

I have emerged from the depths of despair and my work bench at school to show off the strange object of affection that has saved me from the inconsistent atmosphere I have been living in. One day this past week I was high on life due to the temperatures that were of the same stature. On this very same day I happened to go on a long walk and also ventured to the hardware store. I was feeling anew  and a lot can happen when you're feeling that way. I fell in love with birch trees and their minimal gray scale and dash marked paper like bark. I also came up with some amazing new design concepts after glancing at some U bolts at the hardware store. I blame this all on the sun shining a different light on everything. I came home and immediately gravitated and maybe even levitated ( I was feeling that great) towards a piece of scrap barn wood that was in my significant other's studio. We recently purchased the wood for some shelving units and a facade for our kitchen counter. In that moment though I had other plans for this wood and quickly screwed it to a wall in our bedroom. I fastened the board precisely near the side of the bed I sleep and wake up on, to make sure it was one of the first things I see every morning. I used some small picture hanging nails to attach some birch bark and a U bolt I purchased that day. It's amazing how big of an impact simple, small things can have in your daily life. Not only do I look at this board and see objects that currently give me inner peace and creative ideas but I am also reminded of that sunny day and the way it made my skin and soul feel. Bare/bear with me people.....

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