Hibernation Mode

Yes,the cold, white, fluffy glitter that falls from the sky is very magical indeed. However,when combined with negative temperatures for consecutive days on end, it tends to lose it's charm. Lately I've been questioning whether I am turning 25 or 85 this weekend, in regards to what I've been doing with my spare time. I constantly stare out the window desiring to go outside. When I actually muster up the courage to venture out into the world, I question whether skin and bones can freeze within a minute. A tremendous amount of guilt resonates within me when relaxing and practicing the art of doing nothing. I know I'm not alone as this has been embedded in all of us humans who live in this "fine nation." This past weekend I tried to escape the darkness of hibernation, and successfully did so. I read and did some work in the room that radiates with the most natural light which did wonders for my soul. (Image 1) I also watched some of the shows from New York Fashion Week via my beau's projector in the living room. (Image 2)Alexander Wang definitely transported me to another planet with his innovative presentation. There is definitely hope on the horizon, and that hope is the sun french kissing my face in the near future.   

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