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Often with a craft or skill set there are certain methods you play favorites with over others. This happens after watching a piece combust in your face, spending way too many hours staring at a tiny space waiting for a miracle to happen, or feeling like you are going to need your arm amputated from the robotic motion you have been undergoing to achieve your end goal and design. Oddly enough I harbored negative emotions with one of the most simple and very much used skills in the metal and jewelry world, dun dun dun... my nemesis has been SAWING. This is the first thing I learned how to do, many moons ago, in my Introduction course. I'd like to blame it on the technological ADD and impatience my generation has been burdened with.  Not needing to mention that I am obviously writing this post on a computer and took these photos with my iPhone. Such a love/hate relationship I have with these alien devices. I took advantage of my class being canceled today and shined up my rusty saw blades (wink,wink) and made this geometric cuff out of copper. We are supposed to be making samples from all of our experiences we are attempting for our first project. I decided that I want my samples to all be wearable/functional pieces of their own.So, embarrassingly enough, I had to start at square one. (no pun intended)Instead of just sawing sloppy lines and numbing my fingers from filing, I focused on making clean cuts. This saves me a lot of time because I frequently like to tell stories in my work using basic geometric shapes.  One may look at them and just see a circle or a triangle but these shapes have symbolized many different things for thousands of years. I love the play of negative and positive space that transforms when using basic shapes in metal. The piece gets new life when the out forms are filled in with skin, clothing or plants(see above)or whatever other surface you decide to place them over.

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